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fishtailsandsnails : So since you liked that post that said "like this if you go to Kenyon" I am assuming you go to Kenyon haha. I was wondering (as a potential student for next year) if A) you like it. B) you think it's worth the cost. and C) if you had to pick three things you don't like, or three challenges you think the school has, what would they be? and C) (If you are in any of these majors) what do you think of the English, History, and Economics depts? Thank you so much! I am cramming to decide haha.

Yes! I’m a sophomore at Kenyon this year. To answer your questions:

A) I love it here. I really can’t imagine myself going anywhere else. There’s a great sense of community, collaborative learning, the environment is generally pretty supportive. I’ve loved pretty much every class I’ve been in and have a solid and personal relationship with most professors I’ve had. 

B) As for the cost, I’m actually at Kenyon on scholarship which was one of the primary motivations for my choice. Despite this, I do think you’re receiving not only a world-class education at Kenyon, but also a really holistic life experience - which I personally think you can’t put a price tag on. I’ve been exposed to so many different types of people, opinions, and world-views, all of which I think have helped me grow as a person. This of course is something that doesn’t have to be unique to Kenyon but I don’t think I would have witnessed the same personal growth elsewhere. 

C) Things I don’t like. First, my hometown and community are really diverse. Both my parents are immigrants from India, and my high school was almost 30% Asian. This level of diversity is just not matched at Kenyon. I know it’s something the administration is working on but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been difficult for me trying to find my place. This issue leads into the second one: I think there’s a culture of acceptance of the status quo at Kenyon. Issues faced by persons of color, persons of lower socio-economic status, of a different sexuality, are really only discussed by people who identify with those things. There’s a lot of ignorance and it sort of simmers under the surface and creates tension.

As for the third thing…it’s really random but relevant to me right now because I’m sick: there’s a real lack in quality health services on campus! The health center isn’t open on the weekends and really can’t provide adequate care if you’re really ill. I think this is also something the administration is trying to fix, but it’s nonetheless frustrating. 

D) I’m actually an Econ major! Doubling in International Studies. I love the Econ department TO PIECES. I had to take an intro Microecon class to satisfy a distribution requirement freshman year and the professor (now my advisor) changed my life! That department is near and dear to my heart. The only issue is Econ is a really popular major at Kenyon and the department is kind of small in terms of faculty so it’s really hard to get into the classes you want/need, even as a major. The History department is also great at Kenyon, I think it’s full of professors who are really passionate about a region or specific time period and are generally excellent educators. I don’t really know much about English, apologies!

Hope that helps! Good luck with your decision! 


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Iman Ali from the Pakistani film, Bol.

when you hold me, i can feel your heart s i n g i n g
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when you hold me in your arms, i hear it


one of my favorite actors. Kevin Spacey.
I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life.

— Voltaire   (via de-licacy)